Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Goosberry Land !!!!!!!!!!!

Once a dream to traverse through the inside of “Wildlife” is realized through Gooseberry Land. Indulge yourself in the serenity of the nature by experiencing the real feel of nature through us that cannot be explained by mere words but can be felt only through the real experience that has been exclusively crafted with us leaving all blissful. Step into Gooseberry with a blare heart and capture moments that will stay for eternity.

If you are a nature-lover and completely rejoice being away from City traffic and fast life, come to Gavi Valley. It is completely a must visit place for all those who enjoy watching Wildlife, Trekking, Bird watching, a beautiful walk to Spice gardens, outdoor camping and many more. This place will leave you completely speechless by every spell of its fascination spread around.

Ayurveda has proved its benefits sustaining its healing methodologies since 5,000 years. Ayurveda is defined as the ‘Science of Life’ where Ayur means Life and Veda means Science or Knowledge. It reveals the various positive outcomes using the traditional form of medicine. Kerala has been a preferred destination for Ayurvedic treatments. Every year numerous people visit Kerala for gaining profits and benefits from this traditional form of medicine.

Kerala is the most preferred destination for all those who love enjoying scenic beauty and mouth-watering authentic south Indian cuisine. The culture of kerala attracts visitors to enjoy the beautiful calm and soothing life. Be it the enchanting backwaters of kerala, the lively beaches, the religious pilgrimage destinations, the beautiful lakes and waterfalls, it is indeed a destination which not only attracts everyone but embeds everyone into its culture.

 Climate Variations :

With the grace of god, Gavi is blessed with a flawless climate all 
 through the year with a perfect temperature that never advances 
above 28 degree Celsius during the daytime in summer and 
dropping down to an average of 20 degree Celsius at night.
In the course of monsoon season, the average temperature will be 
within the range of 25 degree Celsius during the daytime while 
dropping down to an average of upto 10 degree Celsius at night. for 
more information click here