Sunday, 20 September 2015

Irinjalakudas [Thrissur Dt. ] Cultural History !!

The ancient archive up to the 15th Century brings a historical light that brighten the dark corners of the origin of the name – Irinjalakuda. It transparently points out that ‘Irinjalikoodal’ was the old name of Irinjalakuda. ‘Koodal’ simply means merge together, merging of two rivers. The golden rays of history brighten the murky depths and the disappeared routes of rivers.

According to the documents, two streams that start, one from Kurumalipuzha and the other from koodapuzha, that belongs to Chalakudypuzha, and move through Konthipulam at North whereas, the other one through Velukara at South. Then these two streams merge together in the West. So it shows that Irinjalakuda may have gradually developed, from ‘Irinjalikoodal’, which derived from ‘Irangikoodal’, means – merge together. At present there is no river in Irinjalakuda, but the myth of river.

Irinjalakuda was the rather important and prominent village among all other villages, which is believed that created by Parasuraman. It was promoted as Municipality in 1936, which has been in the zenith of cultural and social movements of kerala. History says, Irinjalakuda was the first blessed village in the region with a bus service (during the Kochi dynasty) where the horse carts had been used for extensive travelling.

When roaming through the heart of Irinjalakuda we can see that the bus stand surroundings which act as the centre point. Let’s start from bus stand and move to west. If you look straight ahead, there you can see and enjoy the classical façade of old and renowned temple – Koodalmanikyam. Have you noticed a shopping complex just before on the right side of the temple?
There was an old ‘Tharavadu’ (Ancestral House) and in front of it there was an aged and weak but loving and soothing mango tree extending its branches and giving shade and shelter. It is ‘Paliyam’, the home of P.Jayachandran, one of the blessed and well-known Indian Playback Singers. Haven’t you seen a walled pool just on the left side of the temple? Yes! This is the famous ‘Kuttamkulam’.
If you look from the north gate of the temple, you can see the ‘Unnayi Warrier Smaraka Kalanilayam’. Okey, now you can have recollection of Unnayi Warrier. It is believed that ‘Kalanilayam’ situated on the same spot, where once upon a time, ‘the Purathara’ stood rather proudly. Have you ever experienced ‘Koodalmanikyam’ temple festival? People celebrate the festival with zest and zeal that continues for 10 days. It is the last temple festival in the Kerala, which gives a great enthusiasm in classical programs like Kadhakali, Ottanthullal, Koothu, and Koodiyattam and so on.
If you move to the north, before the temple, you can reach at ‘Mahatma Gandhi Library’ which is the oldest library in Irinjalakuda. In fact ‘Victoria Jubilee Memorial Library’ was named after Mahatma Gandhi. From here you can go to Pathmasree Ammanur Madhava Chakyar’s residence.

Just nearby, there is the “Natanakairaly” ,the residence of Venuji a research prodigy, a folklorist, who preserves the traditional and cultural programs like Pavakoothu, Pavakathakali and so on for the next generation. ‘Lilly Garden ‘ is next to this , the residence of Puthur Aachutha menon, a shining star in Kerala politics.

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